Cảnh sát Áo sử dụng Body worm camera của Zepcam

Cảnh sát Áo sử dụng Body worm camera của Zepcam
The police forces in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Salszurg and in the Steiermark province have started using body worn video cameras. From the first of March 2016 onwards body cameras supplied by Dutch manufacturer Zepcam are worn by police officers in the streets.

One of the main reasons for implementing body worn cameras is the hope that it will help the police against allegations of brutality, writes website Wien.orf. Up to now it has been very difficult to either prove or disprove these allegations for lack of supporting objective evidence.

Video footage can supply this objective evidence, says the Ministry of the Interior, which makes the implementation of body worn cameras a good thing for all parties involved in police incidents.


Link: Polizei startet Einsatz von Bodycams

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